About Us

Since 2004, our manufacturing company, Kimya, hasbeen producing handmade chairs and beds for tattoo, medical, veterinarian,beauty salon, and hair salon purposes. Additionally, we manufacture tattooneedles that go under careful inspection through a 200x microscope. We exportour products to over fifteen countries, including the United States and Europe.


All of our products are handmade within the boundsof 10, 000 square meters by our amazing team of around 120 technicians andengineers, who boast over ten years of experience and knowledge towards thisindustry. Furthermore, due to our high expectations and strong values insafety, our products are tested numerous of times during each part of themanufacturing process. Our products’ design, packaging, and quality meet noless than 99% of all standards of the countries we export to, which result in azero percent return rate once our products leave our factory.

Company Culture

Why Us?

We believe in our products and stand behind our leadership and innovation sprit. Kimya is committed to providing you with great products and outstanding service.

> High quality standards

> Efficient packaging

> Timely deliveries

> Competitive pricing

Quality & Services

are extremely important to us. Our organization has also been fulfilling customized needs and requirements of the clients. All of our products are designed and tested to meet your needs.

Thank you for choosing Kimya.